Fri, 8 Jun 2018 by Praveen Kotian

The process of transfer of Money from one wallet to another has rapidly revolutionized during recent times and more rapidly have transformed the ways of embracing this phenomenon by even the common man.

Long gone are the archaic ways when common man wanting to send the money, used to resort to Post Office Money Orders or to still more civilized way of queuing up in banks, waiting patiently for his turn, to process his own saved money. 

Technology has, however, like many other spheres of life, come to the rescue of the civilization, in money-transfer operations. The technology involved may be supremely complex, in terms of devising the configuration & infrastructure but fortunately the interface of the technology with the user is very simple and no wonder, as mentioned above, on-line money transfer has become very pervasive & a routine thing to do.

On-line, as the name suggests, pre-supposes the availability of internet facility for the money-transfer to take place effectively. This in normal sense & in Indian context particularly, could have become a very restrictive thing. But the government agencies have been ensuring, through their various programs with huge capital outlays, data connectivity through high-speed internet highways. It is the ambitious aim of the current government to bring about 100% tele-density and thereby making the availability of internet absolutely citizen-oriented. This removes the very first obstacle that ?online money transfer? could have faced in becoming popular with masses, at grass-root level.

There are ample reasons why people have been preferring the on-line ways of dealing with money:

  • In comparison with traditional banking service, one can carry out the transaction sitting at his home or work-place. It hardly takes a few minutes compared to the time lost in commuting to & waiting at the bank.
  • There is collateral advantage in avoiding the risk of losing the money or getting robbed. Such cases are happening rampantly in crowded places. We always hear of some unscrupulous people, present in the crowds, confusing the customer & in the process, getting away with his money. This all is avoided when cash transfers are done from the peaceful place, away from the prying eyes of strangers.
  • Of course, the internet is also fraught with risks of cyberspace scammers. But there are established ways to make the internet account very safe and secure by means of strong passwords, 4-digit pins, CAPTCHA & visiting only secured web-browsers & websites.
  • In fact, it is not difficult to identify the cyberspace thieves as the currency systems like banks, credit card companies etc. never ask the customers to share any sensitive & personal information. A little customer-education will go a long way in keeping the cyberspace fraudsters at bay.
  • On-line transaction is very cost-effective and is extremely convenient as you can carry out the same at any hour of the day.
  • It?s very user-friendly once you have understood the minimal basics. Moreover you invariably get an instant acknowledgement as a proof of the transaction carried out.
  • Can you imagine how hassle-free you are when you do not have to personally visit the offices of all the utility companies to pay their periodic bills! 
  • Most importantly, in a country like India, where half the population might be working at locations away from their places of Birth, it?s a boon to have the facility of on-line money transfer. We can understand the enormity & magnitude of the facility, when we know that any person from any part of this continent-sized country, can send money to his family, residing in remote places, within a few minutes or a few hours. This can be done through banking systems like RTGS (Real Time Gross Settlement), NEFT (National Electronic Fund Transfer) and such similar methods.

Let alone the domestic situations, money can be transferred online, beyond the borders to overseas locations, through global payment service providers like Western Union and RemitGuru. These are the facilities at some costs which will have to be researched & availed of depending upon the emergency on hand. There is invariably more cost, the faster is the remittance service.

All in all, on-line money transfer has become very pervasive, a day-to-day routine thing, will become more & more flexible, safe & secure. All that one requires is deep wallets!

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