SMS Remittance

Send money to India by SMS text message !

Now you can quickly and conveniently send money from home or while on the go -- directly from your mobile phone!

No more computers required or standing in long queues - RemitGuru's SMS remittance service lets you quickly send money using a few simple SMS commands.

Sender Cost: Available at no extra cost ! However, your Mobile Network Operator may charge you for the text messages sent to RemitGuru.

Recipient Cost: FREE !

Delivery Time: Same as remittance from website .

Setup & Steps

To use RemitGuru's SMS text messaging service, you must first 1) link your mobile phone number to your RemitGuru account, and 2) ensure you have recipient accounts ("nicknames") saved on the system.

Time Steps
1. Link mobile phone number to RemitGuru account

Log into your REMITGURU account. Click "SMS Remittance" link in the transactions tab in the left menu. Follow instructions on SMS notifications page to link your mobile phone number to your RemitGuru account. This is a one-time process.

2. Save or Edit receiver Details/Nicknames in RemitGuru

Ensure you've saved receiver accounts & "nicknames" in RemitGuru before initiating any SMS remittances.

3. Send SMS Remittance Request
1. Text 54500 to initiate remittance

Follow the SMS instructions below (SENDGURU). You will receive a text message requesting a confirmation. Only one request can be made at a time.

2. Reply to Confirmation text message

-Confirm remittance: To proceed with your remittance, reply to the confirmation text message with "YESGURU" within 5 mins of receipt.

-Cancel remittance: To cancel a remittance request, simply do not reply after 5 mins your transaction request will automatically get cancelled.

Working days
4. Your remittance will be processed & sent!
SMS remittance complete!

By confirming the remittance request, your remittance will be processed & sent during normal business hours. It's that easy! Processing time is the same as desktop remittance.

How to do a SMS remittance?

Instructions Example SMS Remittance
Send an SMS text message to 54500 as follows:
  • 1.SENDGURU is the command used to INITIATE your remittance request.
  • 2. is the AMOUNT you want to send (i.e. 50, 1000, 600 etc.) to your reciever.
  • 3. <CAD \ USD > is the CURRENCY of the transaction.
    This can be either Canadian Dollar (CAD), US Dollar (USD).
    Example: SENDGURU 900 CAD HOME
    Do not spell out the currency, it MUST be 3 digits.
  • 4. <SAVED RECIPIENT'S NICKNAME> is the SAVED NICKNAME of your recipient's destination account that you have saved in RemitGuru.
1. Link mobile phone number to RemitGuru account

You MUST link your mobile phone number to your RemitGuru account before using this feature.

  • You MUST include a space between each command (as shown in brackets, above).
  • Commands are not case sensitive -- you can text us in lowercase or capital letters.

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