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We understand how important your money is to you and your loved ones. The 128-bit Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) encryption technology we use is a proven technology and one of the strongest methods of securing internet transactions today.

Secondly, we ensure that your money is handled by safe hands. All money is directly transferred by the banking partners. RemitGuru merely facilitates the process and ensures that it works quickly and efficiently. At no point in time do we directly touch or hold on to your money.

Our software and the servers that run our website are protected by state of the art firewall systems that prevent unauthorized access to our network and are constantly monitored to prevent security breaches. Your data and your money is our responsibility and we ensure that it is safe.

All the money that you send through flows through Official Banking Channels only. During the entire remittance process, the money remains untouched by RemitGuru. RemitGuru rides on these rails to ensure that your money is safely and speedily delivered to your receivers in India.

RemitGuru is brought to you by Fable Fintech Pvt. Ltd, South Asia's No. 1 eCommerce service provider which provides payment gateway services to thousands of eMerchants across the world and processes millions of transactions every month. Fable is a prestigious and well known financial transactions powerhouse, which services over 85% of India's web merchants across highly popular industry verticals such as retail, hospitality, travel trade and the event management industry. Featuring the widest range of payment options available including India's largest direct debit engine; connecting to 45+ Indian banks in real time, top of the line industry specific eCommerce tools and state of the art processing and security technologies, all the SAAS (Software as a service) solutions from Fable are path-breaking in nature and in delivery.

Fable is a leader in achieving global standards when it comes to security processes. It was the first company in South Asia to become PCI-DSS Ver. 1.1 Compliant way back in 2009, for which it won the prestigious ISLA Award that year. In 2011, Fable was the first company in India to comply with the far more rigorous PCI-DSS Ver. 2.0 standard. Fable robust systems securely handles millions of online transactions every month as a simple routine.
Fable has used its vast and long standing experience in payments to now offer cross border payments to both individuals and businesses with RemitGuru owned by its subsidiary Fable Fintech Pvt. Ltd, RemitGuru's cutting edge remittance solution is also based on the same robust, yet nimble technology that drives Fable. Not only is it trustworthy, but it is also efficient, convenient, cost effective and above all, user-friendly.

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