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Sending money to your loved ones in another country is a very common practice when you live and earn away from home. International money transfer to India is very important as you are required to send money to your family back home. So, if you live in United Kingdom and you have to send money to your parents in India, how do you go about it?

Here are few simple ways to answer this question the bright new idea of online money transfer. Using online money transfer you can enjoy the comfort of sending money to India with just a few clicks. This mode of transferring money is convenient, as you do all your transaction from the convenience of your home or even while at work or on the go with just a mobile and internet connection. It is available 24x7.

Say goodbye to standing in long queues and waiting for excruciating long hours to send money back home to India. On the contrary a number of websites are available which are user-friendly and easy to use, so u can follow certain instructions and your money reaches your family safe and secure.

With introduction of hi-tech software?s and security systems these websites make your money transfer safe and secure till the money reaches your families. Also, these websites have tie-ups with banks enabling the recipients to get the money directly to their bank account. These services also enable paying utility bills for your family or shopping for gifts. It brings money transfer on your fingertips.

A major player when it comes to Online Remittance is It is a one stop destination when you have to send money to India. Also, the website uses the best in class encryption technology. This is a proven technology and one of the strongest methods of securing internet transactions available today. gives you the guarantee of the best exchange rates on the internet with lowest transfer fees. IndusInd Bank is our official partner which is a premium bank and one of the most trusted commercial banks in India. After sending the money you can track its status till it reaches your recipient.

The best way to send money to India,, an online remittance provider which allows you to remit higher amount of money and also shop, gift, pay utility bills and more with just a few clicks from the comfort of your home.


Rishikesh Says

i really like what you wrote hope that will help me in remittance

Manisha Says

Yes i totaly agree.

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