All the Fable solutions - CCAvenue, ResAvenue, EventAvenue, HotelsAvenue and are designed and created exclusively for Fable using three key technologies - Java, Enterprise Java Beans, and the Java 2 Platform, Enterprise Edition (J2EE). These technologies have helped Fable create sophisticated front-end systems, which include industry specific customized shopping carts, booking engines, remittance engines etc.

Hardware and Encryption standards

All the Fable solutions are deployed on high performance enterprise class OS and Servers that are designed specifically to handle demanding e-business applications.

Along with a dedicated hardware firewalls (HA), load balancers (HA) and a world-class intrusion detection system, the transaction is processed using highly encrypted SSL protocol.

All our solutions are PCI compliant and maintain the Payment Card Industry's highest security standards, Data Security Standard (PCI-DSS 2.0) to protect against Identity Theft and transaction Fraud.

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