Better than a wire transfer to India

Money transfers are not what they used to be

Transferring money to India is no longer as simple as it had been earlier. Fluctuating exchange rates, transfer fees and processing delays have made your choice of a money transfer service extremely crucial.

Rethink what you know about money transfers

Most people belong to the old school of thought and rely on banks for their money transfer to India from the UK. Undoubtedly, banks are an option. But they do not offer the most competitive exchange rates. Also, sometimes, the transfers take a lot of time to get completed due to service constraints.

One of the obvious advantages of choosing a foreign exchange specialist like RemitGuru for transferring money to India is that you get the best exchange rates online, guaranteed. Apart from this, our international money transfer to India can be done at any time from any place provided you have an internet connection.

We can help you or your loved ones

RemitGuru is a personalized online remittance service offered by Fable, India's biggest eCommerce service provider. RemitGuru ensures quick money transfers to India by Non Resident Indians living overseas. The service is user friendly, provides global coverage, multiple payments & delivery modes and above all, it has the lowest service charges. Unlike other online remittance services providers, RemitGuru even lets you pay the utility bills of your relatives and friends or send them gifts by shopping on Indian websites and paying for them directly from your local bank account.

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