ACH \ PAD transfer

What are the details I need to provide for the ACH\PAD bank account addition process ?

For the one-time ACH\PAD bank account addition process, you need to provide us with the following details:

  • Your Name as appearing in your bank statement.
  • Your Social Security Number \ Social Insurance Number.
  • Your Bank Account Number.
  • Your Bank Name.
  • Your Account Type.
  • Your Bank's 9 digit ABA\ Routing Number.

What is the account validation and activation process all about ?

The account validation and activation process is carried out to prevent any misuse of your account.

Following is the process for account validation and activation:

  • A nominal amount is credited and debited to your account by the bank.
  • RemitGuru intimates you of the transaction by email.
  • You must refer to your Bank Statement for the exact amount credited and debited.
  • When you log on to RemitGuru, your transaction status will show, "Click to Verify". Now enter the exact amount in the space provided.
  • If the details match the actual transactions carried out by us, your account is activated and you may transact.

What type of accounts can be used for ACH\PAD Transfers ?

You may use your checking account or your saving account with a bank affiliated to the ACH\PAD network.

What is an ABA\Routing Number ?

The ABA ( American Bankers Association Number) or Routing number is also called a "Routing Transit" number. It is an identification number assigned to each financial institution and each branch office of that financial institution. Without the ABA\Routing number, transmitting funds is not possible.

When will the money be debited from my bank account ?

Money will be debited from your account on the second or the third working day from the date you have booked the transaction. Do take into account all holidays - weekends, public holidays in India and the sending country while calculating working days.

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