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There are several reasons, because of which people send money to their near and dear ones in India. It could be to help with medical costs or for advancing education or for providing some income to their parents. Anyone, who is going to despatch money to India, wants the process to be smooth, user-friendly and swift. There are several inexpensive and stress-free methods to complete an Indian money transfer. Traditional methods such as bank checks can take a lot of time to process. The best way to finish a transaction is to despatch money online to India.

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Many persons are unaware how to send money to India. A bank cheque/wire transfer is one of the commonest ways to transfer money to India. Numerous persons remark that the best way to transfer money to India is an online transfer. Online transfer will permit you to remit money to India within 48 to 96 hours. This is effortlessly accomplished with RemitGuru, your leading online remittance service. Check us out for your subsequent money transfer to India.

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RemitGuru is a personalised online remittance service provided by Fable, India's foremost ecommerce service provider. RemitGuru makes sure speedy money transfers to India by NRIs. The service is user-friendly and assures multiple payments and delivery modes. The service also provides worldwide coverage along with having the lowest service prices. Unlike other online remittance service providers, RemitGuru even authorises you to pay the utility bills of your relatives and buddies or send them gifts by shopping on Indian websites. This can be done by you by paying directly from your local bank account.

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