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Indians residing overseas despatch money to their families in India on account of several reasons. It could be to fulfill the medical expenditures of their aged relatives or to just provide them with additional monetary assistance. Any overseas Indian, who desires to remit money to India, wants the process to speedy and devoid of glitches. The most efficient way to transfer money to India is via the Internet. It is rather inexpensive and stress-free too, which matters a lot for overseas Indian remitters. Traditional remittance methods such as bank cheques eat up a lot of time while being processed, which makes such methods rather inconvenient for remitters .

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Several individuals are unmindful of how to transfer money to India. A bank cheque/wire transfer is one of the commonest methods to despatch funds to India. Numerous individuals still consider that this is the most inexpensive and efficient method to transfer money to India. But a burgeoning number of individuals are beginning to believe that online money transfer to India is the best.Online money transfer to India ensures successful remittance within 48 to 96 hours. This is effortlessly done with RemitGuru, your prime remittance service. Visit us for your next money transfer to India.

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RemitGuru is a personalised online remittance facility offered by Fable, India's chief ecommerce service provider. RemitGuru facilitates speedy, streamlined and secure money transfer to India from abroad. The service is user-friendly, convenient and has a worldwide reach. It offers the lowest service charges .

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